Letter From Tom Santacroce VP & General Manager of Jorgensen Forge Corp.

February 4, 2009

Mr. Brad Senner
Project Manager
Oregon Iron Works
9700 S.E. Lawnfield Rd.
Clackamas, OR 97015


We went operational Jan 28 at about 1 pm.

The primary pieces of this press are the base platen, columns, moving cross head and upper platen. Oregon Iron Works (OIW) played the primary role in getting the majority of these parts “right”. This assembly went together with almost unbelievable ease and precision. The workmanship on the pieces allowed us to have installation fully completed in 10 days. The failed new press we are replacing – supplied by a press manufacturer – required over six weeks of erection. I wasn’t here, but I understand it was a fight every step ofthe way. As planned and designed, we had to grind the top column washers that go inside the upper platen to compensate for accumulation oftolerances from the base platen, columns and upper platen. This was a one iteration exercise and the erected press ended up level and plumb within .004″. That was the only “shimming” required in the entire assembly, which stands over 32′ tall. Again, OIW played a major role in causing this success by contributing near perfectly machined components.

Possibly for your future reference, the team we had in here from Advanced American Construction was amazing. The planning and forethought, intricate choreography of tasks and work-around, and the work ethic of every crew member were truly impressive. Some of the guys were kind of connected to the project because they were part of the team we brought in 14 months ago to tear down the failed press.

Lastly, we greatly appreciated your direct support and communication. You said you’d keep us informed every step of the way and you did, 2417. Many suppliers start out with that kind of commitment, but my experience is it typically fades pretty quickly. You and Bill and others did a great job in this respect, on all three jobs.

Terry told us we’d get the parts as quickly as we could get them anywhere, and he guaranteed they’d be “right”. OIW fulfilled that commitment.

The nature of our operations is something here will break, and it will be an emergency. We’ll find other sources for castings, but we know where to go for machining (and review of drawings for manufacturability). Maybe instead of castings, next time we’ll investigate fabrications with OIW, as well.

Much appreciation to you and the team at OIW for helping us succeed.

Best Regards,

Tom Santacroce
VP & General Manager
Jorgensen Forge Corp.