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Nuclear fixture for Shield door testing

Nuclear/ASME Vessels – N, NA, NPT, U & U2

With the resurgence of the Nuclear Industry, Vigor (formerly Oregon Iron Works) has the manpower, equipment, experience and knowledge necessary to build safety related components to the high quality standards required. We are one of the few manufacturers capable of commercially dedicating mechanical and electrical equipment in accordance with Nuclear Industry standards. We can integrate those components into assemblies providing a complete system for placement in a Safety Class or NSSS environment.

Our 10 CFR-Part 50, Appendix B, (NQA-1) Quality program has been implemented for more than 2,000,000 man-hours of production. Our projects have included Dry Cask Storage, Fuel Pool handling equipment, Shield Doors with advanced controls, Canister Overpacks, Gloveboxes and other critical components in Carbon Steel and High Alloy materials. Vigor has received the ASME N, NA, & NPT stamps to allow us to extend our capabilities to new customers in the Commercial Nuclear market.

In addition to continued DOE and DOD projects, we look forward to exercising our ASME stamps in support of customers around the world. We have earned the reputation as the place to go when it absolutely needs to be done right through hard work, first class hardware, a robust quality program and our steadfast drive to meet the customers’ needs.

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