Hydro Industry

Hydro Industry

Vigor (formerly Oregon Iron Works) has been serving the Hydro Industry since 1960, as an experienced fabricator, designer and constructor of innovative hydro equipment, with unsurpassed quality, fit and performance.

We fabricate, assemble, test, and design a full spectrum of Temperature and Flow Control Equipment which includes Radial and Miter Gates as well as fully bonneted Slide and Roller gates. Additionally, Vigor manufactures Stop Logs, Fish Screening and Guidance Systems, Tainter Valves, Bulkheads and all types of Hoists, including Cable Drum, Hydraulic and Screw type.

Whether helping to build new equipment for the historic Bonneville Dam to fabricating new gates for projects such as Army Corps of Engineers historic Emsworth Lock and Dam, Chicago’s McCook Reservoir, and seven individual dams on the Ohio River, OIW is committed to excellence in the hydro electric industry.

Member of the NHA - National Hydropower Association Questions about Vigor’s fabrication capabilities?

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