SFOBB Girder Installation

Bridge Industry

With over half a century of experience, OIW meets all the needs of the Bridge Industry. From Bascule Leaf, Swing Span and Vertical Lift Bridges, to floating spans such as the Hood Canal Bridge to being one of the few US fabricators on the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, OIW can build it.

Whether OIW is providing simple Span Plate Girders, complex Box Girders, Sign Structures or other sign support equipment, we are serving the Bridge industry throughout the nation and are dedicated to meeting the most exacting requirements of both design and quality.

Additionally, OIW supports the Highway industry by providing signing structures that are built to the demanding AWS D1.5 Bridge Code. From simple Breakaway Sign Posts to the more complex Mono Tube Freeway Sign Structures, OIW is providing the highest quality product available.

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