Quality Assurance Program



Vigor Complex Fabrication teams manufacture to the highest quality standards. Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire project’s fabrication schedule. The result is outstanding finished product – – from the material sourced, to the complete documentation.

  1. ISO 9002 Compliant
  2. AS9100 Compliant
  3. ASME-NQA-1
  4. AISCAISC Certificates
    1. Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    2. Simple Steel Bridge Structures (SBR) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    3. Major Steel Bridge (CBR) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    4. Fracture Critical Endorsement (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    5. Sophisticated Painting Endorsement (SPE P1) (Vancouver, WA)
  5. ASME Certificates
    1. ASME N (Manufacture of Boiler & Pressure Vessels, Piping Systems, Storage Tanks,
      Core Support Structures & Shop Assembly)
    2. ASME NA (Shop Assembly)
    3. ASME NPT (Fabrication Without Design Responsibility and as a MO Supplying Ferrous
      and Nonferrous Material)
    4. ASME U (Manufacture of pressure vessels)
    5. ASME U2 (Manufacture of pressure vessels)
  6. National Board Certificates
    1. NB (Mark and Register Pressure Vessels)
    2. R (Pressure Vessel Repair)
  7. Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
    1. Certified to CSA Standard W47.1 – Fusion Welding of Steel
  8. Additional Certifications
    1. City of Los Angeles HSS/USS Certificate of Approval
      1. Certified Fabricator (High Strength Steels & Unlimited Structural Steels)
    2. MassDOT Approved Fabricator
      1. Major Bridge Structures

Certificate Documentation


ASME Certs