Quality Assurance Program


OIW manufactures to the highest quality standards. Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire project’s fabrication schedule. The result is outstanding finished product – - from the material sourced, to the complete documentation.

  1. ISO 9002 Compliant
  2. AS9100 Compliant
  3. ASME-NQA-1
  4. AISC

    AISC Certificates

    1. Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    2. Simple Steel Bridge Structures (SBR) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    3. Major Steel Bridge (CBR) (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    4. Fracture Critical Endorsement (Clackamas, OR & Vancouver, WA)
    5. Sophisticated Painting Endorsement (SPE P1) (Vancouver, WA)
  5. ASME Certificates
    1. ASME N (Manufacture of Boiler & Pressure Vessels, Piping Systems, Storage Tanks,
      Core Support Structures & Shop Assembly)
    2. ASME NA (Shop Assembly)
    3. ASME NPT (Fabrication Without Design Responsibility and as a MO Supplying Ferrous
      and Nonferrous Material)
    4. ASME U (Manufacture of pressure vessels)
    5. ASME U2 (Manufacture of pressure vessels)
  6. National Board Certificates
    1. NB (Mark and Register Pressure Vessels)
    2. R (Pressure Vessel Repair)
  7. Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
    1. Certified to CSA Standard W47.1 – Fusion Welding of Steel
  8. Additional Certifications
    1. City of Los Angeles HSS/USS Certificate of Approval
      1. Certified Fabricator (High Strength Steels & Unlimited Structural Steels)
    2. MassDOT Approved Fabricator
      1. Major Bridge Structures

Certificate Documentation

ASME Certs