Executive Management

Robert Wise
Corey Yraguen
Executive VP Fabrication
Robert Wise
Thomas Hickman
VP Sales & Marketing
Brad Dunkin
Patrick Leonard
VP General Manager
Bradley Dunkin
VP Nuclear Business Development
Josh Pruzek
VP Marine Special Projects

Vigor’s Complex Fabrication team consistently provides exceptional leadership, coordinating diverse contracting efforts to deliver innovative fabrications of the highest quality.  OIW’s quality program maintains the highest level of industry and Government standards including nuclear qualifications.

Our management expertise, combined with the latest in manufacturing, fabricating and CNC machining technologies puts us in competition with some of the largest steel fabricators and manufacturing companies in the world.

Vigor’s core management competencies include:

  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
  • Disciplined Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling
  • Frequent detailed status reporting
  • Exceptional program management skills
  • Substantial Government contracting experience
  • Dedicated supply chain management
  • Extensive manufacturing engineering expertise
  • Diverse Government and industry relations
  • Excellent safety record
  • Documented history of high quality products delivered on time and on budget
  • Committed, capable, highly skilled workforce