Bridge Industry

With over half a century of experience, OIW meets all the needs of the Bridge Industry. From Bascule Leaf, Swing Span and Vertical Lift Bridges, to floating spans such as the Hood Canal Bridge to being... read more

Bridge Industry Bridge Industry

Hydro Industry

OIW has been serving the Hydro Industry since 1960, as an experienced fabricator, designer and constructor of innovative hydro equipment. We Fabricate, Assemble, Test, and Design a full spectrum of... read more

Hydro Industry Hydro Industry

Marine Industry

OIW has a globally recognized Marine Program with a wide range of advanced accomplishments. Since 1984, OIW has delivered more than 300 craft and has been under continuous contract to.... read more

Marine Industry Marine Industry

Aerospace Industry

From Launch and Vehicle Support to Ground Based Missile defense, OIW plays a vital roll in America’s Aerospace Industry. In 1987, OIW began fabrication for the demanding launch complex.... read more

Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry

Nuclear/ASME Industry

With the resurgence of the Nuclear Industry, OIW has the manpower, equipment, experience and knowledge necessary to build Safety Related components to the high quality standards required. We... read more

Nuclear/ASME Industry Nuclear/ASME Industry

Structural/Mechanical Industry

OIW is the right choice for any of your custom structural and machinery needs. From Complex Machinery and Structural Components, including design build capability, we can complete your end product... read more

Structural/Mechanical Industry Structural/Mechanical Industry

Transit Industry

United Streetcar is a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works dedicated to providing modern streetcars to cities across the nation. United Streetcar has manufactured the first “Buy America” compliant... read more

Transit Industry Transit Industry

Renewable Energy Industry

OIW provides manufacturing and engineering support to the Renewable Energy developers to reduce both cost and risk in the fabrication process. OIW’s Renewable Energy Program has evolved from... read more

Renewable Energy Industry Renewable Energy Industry

A Tradition of Innovation

Founded in 1944, Oregon Iron Works (OIW) is a pioneering force in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. The company began achieving success as a structural fabricator in the demanding hydroelectric, bridge and civil construction trades by applying modern manufacturing techniques to products that were typically fabricated using conventional methods. Today OIW continues this tradition of innovation for the marine, aerospace, nuclear, transit and renewable energy industries building varied products ranging from complex bridges to sophisticated military patrol craft in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium or other exotic materials.

Unlike other fabricators, OIW continues its long tradition as an extremely innovative business that is constantly adapting and expanding its core expertise in order to meet customer needs and program requirements. In-house CNC capabilities include cutting, burning, shearing, milling, machining, turning, forming, rolling, painting and sophisticated inspection.  Our integrated machine shop houses one of the largest custom CNC floor mills on the West Coast.

OIW fabricates to the highest quality standards. Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire project’s fabrication schedule.  The result is outstanding finished product, from the material sourced, to the complete documentation.

This combination of experience and advanced equipment has resulted in a company that not only specializes in products for a specific industry, but can readily respond to new customer requirements and apply unique solutions across a variety of manufacturing and engineering disciplines. Experience our outstanding customer service.

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